Creepily Tap Your Lover’s Wrist From Afar With Phantom Vibrating Bracelet

Modern love!

WAKE UP! (Screengrab: TapTap's Kickstarter)

WAKE UP! (Screengrab: TapTap’s Kickstarter)

Long distance romance can be tough. So tough, in fact, that email, texting, sexting, Snapchat, Skype and phone calls apparently aren’t enough. That, we guess, is where the TapTap wristband comes in.

TapTap wristbands are sold in pairs. When one person touches their wristband, the other person’s will vibrate in a kind of 21st century Morse code. The bracelets create the illusion of an IRL couple experience, assuming the thing you miss most about your sweetie is the feeling of their hand vigorously shaking your wrist.

If the creators pass their Kickstarter funding attempt, the wristbands will cost a whopping $130, which is more than a month’s worth of cell phone usage. And they operate through an app, so you need your phone to use them anyway.

The idea of replacing physical contact with vibration from a metal bracelet is just too freaky for us, unless you’re talking about some sort of system for young children and their sickly grandparents to stay in virtual touch all day, in which case, we’re weeping now, thanks a lot.

Or you could put it on your dick.

(h/t The Daily Mail)