Doctor Thinks Smartphone Addiction Is Killing Boners

Looking for porn on phones isn't even worth it.

His penis is dead.

His penis is dead.

Hey dudes: Besides cock blocking yourself, playing video games on your smartphones late into the night might also be killing your boners. Sort of.

That’s what a doctor in Taiwan believes according to report in something called the WantChinaTimes. Dr. Wang said he’s been treating men with erectile dysfunction for years, and found a particular recent case interesting.

A girlfriend complained to him that her boyfriend’s phone obsession was causing the weak wood. The 28-year-old guy is in good health but does smoke and play Candy Crush all night long. So, Dr. Wang decided that his addiction was leading to erectile dysfunction. 

The doctor recommended that the guy stop smoking (which, if he read Men’s Health for more than two seconds…) and to stop playing with his phone. The man’s condition has “improved greatly” since that sage advice so we’re guessing his hands are being focused elsewhere.