eBay Learns Hosting Holocaust Memorabilia Isn’t a Good Look, Apologizes


Suitcase. (Photo: eBay/Metro)

Suitcase. (Photo: eBay/Metro)

eBay is apologizing after several items, supposedly from the Holocaust, surfaced on the auction site and turned out to be terrible PR. Thirty items of memorabilia, including a uniform of a Polish baker that was going for $20,000, were pulled from the site after an investigation from the Daily Mail revealed it.

For a time, users in Britain could bid on other Holocaust items, like a $800 suitcase and a $300 “concentration camp toothbrush.” The items were pulled within hours of the Mail‘s investigation and eBay apologized profusely in an attempt to diffuse the international PR nightmare. Even though eBay said it had no knowledge of the market, a seller told the newspaper that they’ve been doing it for a year.

“We are very sorry these items have been listed on eBay and we are removing them,” said eBay in a statement. “We don’t allow listings of this nature, and dedicate thousands of staff to policing our site and use the latest technology to detect items that shouldn’t be for sale.”

A $40,000 donate will also be made to an applicable charity.

Profiting off items from a genocide didn’t seem to bother seller Viktor Kempf. He said he was going to use the profits from the items to make a book about the Holocaust. “If I was a descendant of a victim, I would want to see how my relatives lived. I would want to buy these items to remember them,” he remarked.