Four Knuckleheads Arrested for Using a Drone to Drop Contraband In a Prison Yard

Nice try!

Nice try. (Photo: WALB)

The drone in question. (Photo: WALB)

First it was pizza and then sushi, so it was inevitable that contraband were going to be the next thing to be delivered by drones. A group of four crooks in Georgia tried dropping off tobacco in a prison yard using the flying robot, but the odds didn’t turn out in their favor.

WALB News reports that a lieutenant at the Calhoun State prison (obviously) saw the device zipping around the prison’s gates and started searching for it. After an hour, they noticed a “suspicious” black car parked near the street and received consent to search it.

Police found “one or two pounds of tobacco rolled up” that was meant for the inmates. Sheriff Josh Hilton said this was the first time he’s seen this type of thing:

“People try different things but the helicopter was something new. It is a surprise I’ve never seen a helicopter. They were in the woods flying it they had binoculars evidently so they could watch it,” he said.

Since passing contraband past guard lines is a felony, each of the four people could face up to 20 years in prison. Unfortunately, judging by our Orange Is the New Black binge session, a much-needed drone operating class probably won’t be offered. 

(H/T Gawker)