Harry Potter Looks for Hogwarts Express in Penn Station (Video)

Business as usual. (YouTube)

Business as usual. (YouTube)

This just proves that spending too long in Penn Station will smother your soul so completely that even goddamn magic can’t bring it back.

“Sorry, Platform 9? No, I don’t think there’s a 9 and 3/4s…”

(*Takes photo on Instagram.*)

(*Hashtags it: #NOFILTERS #HOGWARTS*)

Really? Because that kid has a LIVE OWL IN A CAGE, so at the very least you should put down your phone and try to help him out.

Of course, that isn’t the real Harry Potter and this was a stunt put on by Improv Everywhere, so yeah, the world is just a mundane series of small disappointments. You guys were right.

Carry on. Try the Butter Beer.