Instagram’s First Ad Looks Like It Came From Goop’s Pinterest Board

Demographic: BBs.

BB! (Photo: Instagram)

BB! (Photo: Instagram)

So, it appears Instagram wasn’t lying about showing ads on your feed! The first one appeared this morning in the form of Michael Kors photo that showed shiny watch and, uh, some colorful maroons. In what could be a pin from Gwyneth Paltrow’s secret board on Pinterest, it appeared on some users’ accounts (we didn’t see it) with the requisite Sponsored tag.

As AllThingsD writes, “there you go.” It looks like any other image that would appear on Instagram without being totally intrusive, just utterly annoying. Looking at the comments, people were less than pleased to see the ad. One wrote “fuck this scam” while another commented “Really?? #lame #noinstaadds #annoying.” Perhaps the Facebook-owned company’s plan of applying a slow drip of ads is too much for some.

They could only get better from here, we suppose.