John McAfee’s Chances of Appearing on House Hunters Ruined By Stalking Complaint from Landlord

His rental history must be fun to read.

Mr. McAfee (Photo: File)

Mr. McAfee (Photo: File)

John McAfee is having a no good, very bad week. The anti-virus software creator has been slapped with a civil stalking complaint and has reportedly been evicted from his Portland, Ore. apartment. 

The complaint comes from Connor Hyde, the former property manager of Mr. McAfee’s apartment complex. According to filings, the international man of mystery had access to weapons, an armed bikers club and sent threatening emails to Mr. Hyde because he was mad about HOA fees that the managers were allegedly letting people in to party in empty condos. 

This was all news to Mr. McAfee when the Associated Press reached out to him. Following his usual routine of fleeing to different countries, he told the news service that he moved to Montreal months ago and blasted the apartment complex over “willful lapses of security.” He added, “I’ve never been evicted from anything.”

A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 3, but Mr. McAfee said he has plans that day. Writes the AP:

McAfee said he did not plan to attend the January hearing and the protective order was inconsequential because he was no longer living in Oregon.

Guess that solves that!