Let’s Band Together: Jukely Aims To Bring Friends Together for Concerts

Makes for a great first date method, too!

Jukely. (Photo: iTunes)

Jukely. (Photo: iTunes)

There’s finally an app for solving the social anxiety that is going to a concert stag. Today, concert matchmaking app Jukely is expanding to ten cities with a refreshed iOS 7 design. The New York-based app syncs with your social media profile, scours their likes and recommends upcoming concerts. 

Over lunch last week, cofounder Bora Celik told Betabeat that the purpose of Jukely is to “get the conversation started” between friends to eliminate the problem of wanting to see concerts without a group of friends. He cited memories he’s made at concerts as an important part for creating the app.

“There are $24 billion worth of tickets that go unsold by concert promoters,” said Mr. Celik. Partly to blame: the difficultly of keeping up-to-date on the ever-changing roster of shows, some of them poorly publicized. A centralized app could combat that problem and make both venues and Jukely some money.

The app, designed by Mr. Celik and his partner Andrew Cornett, one of the first designers at Kickstarter, went live less than a year ago. Mr. Celik is a former concert promoter who’s booked shows ranging from Tiesto to Pharrell. Since its debut, Jukely has garnered 12,000 users during its New York  beta test, but hopes to increase that with the addition of musical heavy cities like Austin and Seattle.

Jukely currently employs a team of six and received its first injection of money from TechStars. Users can purchase tickets in the free app, with Jukely getting about 15 to 20 percent of each ticket depending on the deal it cut with the venues.

Mr. Celik said the app uses 50,000 data points from user’s social media and music accounts (think Rdio, Hype Machine or iTunes) to tailor the concert alerts it sends you. Songs from the artists can be streamed within the app and a messaging feature tells friends (if they don’t have the app, it’s via Facebook instead) about the concerts you want to attend.

One feature that caught our eye is the option to ask friends of friends to attend concerts.That seems especially nerve-wracking–going solo doesn’t trigger anywhere near that level of social anxiety. He laughed it off saying “use it as an excuse to talk to friends, meet new ones, or perhaps reconnect with old friends.”

After all, music is what brings the world together.