Morning Links: Acquisition Edition

(Courtesy Wikipedia)

(Courtesy Wikipedia)

Two Dia founders have filed suit to stop the organization from selling off work from its collection to benefit its acquisitions fund and help pay for a new building in Chelsea. [NYT]

“Model Natalia Vodianova is three months pregnant with Antoine Arnault’s baby.” [Page Six]

Here’s a video of Art Spiegelman at the Jewish Museum. [The New Yorker]

Did Sotheby’s relative success this week assure investors? Also, why not do this story next week? [Financial Times via Art Market Monitor]

The German government is reportedly pressuring regional authorities in Munich to move more quickly in releasing information about the massive modern-art trove it discovered. [WSJ]

Good background on the Queens Museum’s connections to New York’s 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. [NYT]

Subodh Gupta on his Performa commission. [Bloomberg]

“No arts organization is too big, too old or too famous to fail.” [WSJ]