Morning Links: Art Spiegelman Edition

Art Spiegelman. (Courtesy

Art Spiegelman. (Courtesy

Patricia Cohen with some of the backstory on some of the 1,500 paintings recently recovered in Munich after being out of sight since World War II. [NYT]

Here’s an interview with Abdulnasser, “an anomaly in the art world. A sculptor and conceptual artist, he is also a lieutenant colonel in the Saudi Arabian Army.” [NYT]

Alison Gass promoted to deputy director of the Broad Art Museum in East Lansing, Mich. [City Pulse] 

Here’s an interview with Emmanuel Perrotin pegged to his 25th anniversary as a gallery. [Bloomberg]

Qatari court upholds poet’s imprisonment. [The Art Newspaper]

Art Spiegelman on his Jewish Museum retrospective. [WSJ]

“A selection of the most highly charged political art in history.” [The Guardian]