Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

In a culture where paying sources is generally frowned upon, NBC News is getting some serious flack for reportedly practicing “checkbook journalism” twice in one week. Most recently, the news organization has paid for exclusive rights to interview a group of skydivers who survived a plane crash. Last week, it was disclosed that NBC was negotiating a maybe-more-than-$100,000 deal with the family of kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson for documentary rights. (The Washington Post)

Former Observer editor Aaron Gell will be joining Business Insider as a long form features editor. (Capital New York)

Was the New York Times Magazine’s most recent cover art a blatant copy of Lucky Peach? (Eater)

Peter Beinart is leaving The Daily Beast for Atlantic Media, where he will be a contributing editor for both The Atlantic and National Journal and Israeli newspaper Haaretz, where he will be a senior columnist. (Politico)

HLN is gearing up for a significant amount of staff layoffs and show cancellations. (Mediaite)