Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

Lawyers for David Michael Miranda, partner of Glenn Greenwald, are challenging the legality of Mr. Miranda’s nine-hour detention at Heathrow Airport on his way back to Brazil in August.

At the time, officials seized Mr. Miranda’s computer, phone, and memory sticks containing around 58,000 encrypted Snowden-related files. His lawyers are arguing that his rights were violated, but British officials say Mr. Miranda’s materials could “aid terrorism and put lives at risk.” Nothing new here, folks! (The New York Times)

WOW—North Korea is letting reporters use Instagram. Check out AP photographer David Guttenfelder’s account for some fascinating photos. (Wired)

What will Nikki Finke do next? “Anyone who thinks they can put a nail in her coffin is wrong because monsters come back to life, and they’re stronger and more powerful,” A Hollywood executive told The Post. (The New York Post)

In case you were dying to know where you could continue reading Rand Paul’s writing (since he was dropped from the Washington Post on plagiarism charges), the senator has moved to (Politico)

Looks like Time isn’t really impressed with Christ Christie’s weight loss efforts. (Twitter)