Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

Scotland Yard, Britain’s largest police force, is pursuing an unspecified criminal investigation involving intelligence leaks to the Guardian. The investigation was apparently launched in response to the much-publicized detention of David Miranda—Glenn Greenwald’s partner—at Heathrow Airport.  (The Washington Post)

As of Tuesday, the ‘300 Sandwiches’ blogger was up to 197 sandwiches. She’s still about 100 sandwiches away from the ring, but she already got that book  deal (with David Zinczenko’s new Random House imprint).  (The New York Post)

Here’s Richard Cohen defending his “gag reflex” opinion column. “The word racist is truly hurtful,” he says. (Huffington Post)

Google is now bigger than both the magazine and newspaper industries (Business Insider)

It seems like everyone’s leaving the Times lately—can the paper handle it? “Nearly everyone who gets a lucrative offer will leave,” one Times journalist tells the Huffington Post. “The era of the lifelong Timesman — or lifelong Timeswoman — is over.” (Huffington Post)