On the Market: Chinese Billionaire Pays $26 M. for UES Manse; Micro-developers Try to Remake Buffalo; Where Have New York’s All Night Party People Gone?

Toronto-based TV producer buys 15 CPW pad for $17.8 million. [Gripepad]
In more rich foreigner news, Chinese billionaire Zhang Xin snagged a house for $26 M. [Post]
Micro-developers descend on Buffalo, saving one house at a time. [NYT]
The Zeckendorfs gossip abouttheir favorite Manhattan landmarks. [Post]
Report criticizes Forest City Ratner for scarfing up public money, shirking promises. [TRD]
Where are the 300 stores that Blockbuster still has left open to close? [AC]
Anabu Enterprises ponies up $33 million for three UES properties. [TRD]
All-night party people have vanished in brutally expensive, Bloombergian New York. [NYT]
King of the Bronx! Yet another castle hits the market, this one asking $8.6 million. [Curbed]
Decorating tips for the de Blasios, if they decide to move into Gracie mansion. [Vanity Fair]
FiDi penthouse offers not just one but three (!) cupolas for $20 million. [Gothamist]
Extell loses legal battle, ordered to pay $1.3 million commission owed to broker. [TRD]
Clinton Hill church takes to Kickstarter to restore Tiffany stained glass windows. [DNAinfo]
Dazzling details revealed as Brooklyn’s Loews Theater undergoes renovation. [NYT]
Make it work! Tim Gunn’s surprisingly modest $1.5 million UWS penthouse. [Post]
Like most self-identified sexy things, East Village apartment comes up short. [EV Grieve]
Actually sexy: the West Village sex shop slated to become, what else, luxury condos. [BuzzBuzz]
Across the street at Greenwich Lane are even more luxury condos, which are now on sale. [Curbed]
Even jails are being remade into luxury accommodations these days! [WSJ]
Carnegie Hall portraitist and artist resident Editta Sherman dies at 101. [Crain’s]
A battle is brewing at River House over the closure of the magnificently snobby River Club. [NYT]
The UWS is also changing too, as neighborhood institutions give way to suburban outposts. [WSJ]

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