On the Market: Spike Lee Selling UES Mansion for $32 M.; Residents Sue to Stop WTC from Becoming a Fortress; Strand Installs Nighttime Sprinkler System, Driving Away the Homeless

Subway fares will still rise, just not as much as expected. [Crain’s]
And L and G train service is increasing! [Gothamist]
Doing the right thing? Spike Lee lists his UES mansion for $32 million. [Post]
Renovating vacant houses rather than knocking them down. [AC]
Residents sue to stop the blocks around the WTC from becoming a fortress. [NYT]
Did you actually expect to get ceilings for $3,400 a month in the East Village? [EVGrieve]
Cuba Gooding Jr. checks out sprawling Soho loft. [Post]
Scott Stringer tentatively embraces Midtown East delay. [CNY]
M. Wells steakhouse poised to open in LIC this week. [DNAinfo]
Woman spends years dreaming of a Connecticut beach house, finally buys it. [WSJ]
The Strand drives the homeless away from its famous awning with night sprinklers. [DNAinfo]
Foreclosure threatens massive portfolio of below-market-rate apartments in the city. [WSJ]
Mirrors of desire: the brownstones that are sought out again and again for films. [NYT]