Please the Font Freak in Your Life for Just $62 With Helvetica Perfume

It includes free refills.

Sniff. (Photo: Helevetica, The Perfume)

Sniff. (Photo: Helevetica, The Perfume)

From freshly rubbed together cinnamon sticks to Britney Spears’ breath, the cologne industry pulls its inspiration from a lot of places. So, when we first read that there’s a scent inspired by Helevetica (yes, the font), we wanted to close the tab and throw our computers out the window, but then we actually read the piece.

Inventors Faun Chapin and Megan Paradise created a Helvetica inspired scent that doesn’t smell like much of anything. Similar to the sans-serif typeface it’s based on, the smell is indescribable because it only contains water and air. It mixes together “the purest and most essential elements” of, uh, nothing.

Two ounces will cost you a reasonable $62 for the same liquid you can get out of your sink for free. However, the bottle is printed with 24-karat gold so you can wear it like a necklace. And there’s a ~deeper~ meaning to it, writes PSFK:

The duo wants people to realize there is nothing wrong with having a natural human scent, and that perfume is “an amazing category of absurdity in a lot of way.”

We’re more of a Eurostile type of person anyway.