Science Says Stop Texting Your Boyfriend Because It’s Making Him Miserable

Ah, young love.

Just texting 2 tell u im looking at ur facebook (Photo: Getty)

Just texting 2 tell u im looking at ur facebook :-* (Photo: Getty)

Most millennials can’t even imagine a romantic relationship that doesn’t include texting (or sexting). How did our parents do it? Did they only talk once a day? Were answering machines involved? How did they arrange dates?

And most importantly, what did they snoop through when their significant others left the room?!

The answers to these questions can only be gleaned through old episodes of Seinfeld. But data on current dating issues is readily available in studies like the recent one from Brigham Young University that tells us guys are not actually as into texting as their girlfriends might like them to be.

Although 82 percent of study participants said they text their partners multiple times a day, men who text their romantic partners more frequently report lower satisfaction with their relationship, New York Magazine reports. Women who texted more reported more satisfaction.

Scientists say this could be because of the infamous slow-fade breakup mechanism that is hardwired into the brain of every straight man (we think).

“We’re wondering if this means men disconnect and replace in-person conversations with more texting,” researcher Lori Schade said. “Maybe as they exit the relationship, they text more frequently because that’s a safer form of communication. We don’t know why, that is just a conjecture.”

So the next time your boyfriend ignores five of your texts in a row, don’t worry! He’s just really satisfied with your relationship.