See If You Can Make it Through This Homeless Veteran Makeover Video Without Crying (Video)


Veteran Jim Wolf (YouTube)

If you can, you’re probably a monster who is dead inside. So, you know, good luck with that.

U.S. Army Veteran Jim Wolf has struggled with alcoholism, poverty and homelessness for decades, but after agreeing to go into treatment and recovery two months ago, he was given a free makeover courtesy with the help of Degage Ministries in Grand Rapids, Mich.

From Gawker:

Rob Bliss, a local filmmaker, teamed up with Degage Ministries, a stylist, and a production team to create this timelapse video of Wolf’s several-hour makeover. “The homeless are people we ignore every day,” Bliss said. And so he wanted his video to show how, with just a little support, anyone “can look like they’re meant for the cover of GQ…”
Since the makeover, Wolf has been able to secure housing and has even begun attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Also, he looks like Don Draper meets Chris Cooper. Incredible.