Since Nothing Good Could Come From This, Colorado Might Ban Hunters from Using Drones

Do drones even come in camo?

Banned. (Photo: File)

Banned? (Photo: File)

Already foretelling the problems this could cause, Colorado is considering banning hunters from using drones to help them spot deer and other game.

Under federal and state regulations, it’s illegal to use airplanes in spotting animals, but Colorado is worried that hunters will bend the rules by using unmanned robots to locate wildlife. People have to wait 48 hours to hunt after a flyover is conducted because of “fair chase” regulations.

Randy Hampton, a spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said the new rules are the result of the proliferation of drones in the state:

“It was not something that most people were engaged in, and it wasn’t needed in a regulatory model,” Mr. Hampton told the Denver Post. “Because it has become more prevalent, we want to make sure people understand it is still outside the bounds of what is allowed.”

The ban, which is expected to pass, wouldn’t go into effect until August 2014. So, enjoy crashing your drones into already frightened deer until then.