Soon You Will Be Able to 3D Print Your Own Disposable Undies


Like an ACE bandage for your junk (Photo: Tamicare)

Like an ACE bandage for your junk (Photo: Tamicare)

Modern life is full of mundane problems like lukewarm coffee and linty sweaters. One issue we’ve never run into is that of inaccessible, too-permanent undies. But tech is going to solve it anyway, with disposable underwear you can 3D print from the safety of your own 3D printing room.

An Israeli couple has invented “Cosyflex,” a material that feels like cloth and can be made into the stunning beige briefs seen at left. It’s biodegradable, stretchy and disposable, CNet reports.

All you need to create your own pair of Cosyflex granny panties is a special kind of 3D printer with “a spray nozzle to create layers of natural rubber-latex polymers and cotton fibres to construct a pair of disposable underpants in less than three seconds.”

The inventors are in talks with Tamicare, and Tamicare is in talks with Victoria’s Secret, so it’s only a matter of time before you can buy your own underwear machine from Vicky’s, we guess? At least this means never having to do your laundry.

Or you could just keep procuring your disposable underwear at the Dollar General like a normal person. Pick us up a 40 of Olde English while you’re down there.