Survey: Adding ‘Just Kidding’ To Your Nasty Internet Comment Doesn’t Work, Jerk

You get an insult! You get an insult! You get an insult!

Being mean. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

Being mean. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

The days of lashing out at someone with homophobic or racist remarks online then adding “just kidding” and pretending everything is fine are over. According to a new poll conducted by the Associated Press and MTV, a most young people say the jokey disclaimer doesn’t make insults less offensive.

Of the 1,300 kids surveyed, they said that seeing offensive slurs online is becoming the norm, but don’t interpret the insults personally. Compared to the same poll conducted two years ago, millennials are “more disapproving” of slurs hurled at them and more than half said that it’s wrong to use offensive remarks around friends even if they don’t mean it.

However, that doesn’t mean the amount of mean comments is decreasing. In fact, they held steady since last year with a bulk of the mean comments are posted to YouTube, Facebook, and shocker, gaming communities like Xbox Live. In terms of the firing line, kids say they frequently see crude postings pointed at overweight people, gays, blacks and women. 

So, why are kids intolerable assholes? The AP explains:

To be funny, according to most young people who see it. Another big reason: to be cool. Less than a third said a major reason people use slurs is because they actually harbor hateful feelings toward the groups they are maligning.

Some things never change.