This Bronx Woman Is Very Adamant About Using Her Google Glass to Lure Whole Foods

Or, like, a Fairway?

Her dream. (Photo: Flickr)

Her dream. (Photo: Flickr)

Ruth Papazian is really tired of crappy, inexpensive and greasy food. So, for the past two months, the Bronx resident has been using her Google Glass to take pictures of empty storefronts in an effort to woo Whole Foods to set up shop in the neighborhood.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Ms. Papazian said she won the $1,500 face computer after tweeting “If I had glass I would be the only hipster in the Bronx (and) would blog about why the Bronx deserves respect and a Whole Foods on Morris Park Ave.”

So, the self-described hipster is making it her mission to let every one know that she needs her oven-roasted kale chips and she’s can’t be bothered to go down to the West 97th Street to get it. She decries that every time a new restaurant opens near her it’s either a McDonald’s or a Kentucky Fried Chicken–and generally, the borough is considered rife with food deserts.

“We are the Rodney Dangerfield of boroughs,” Ms. Papazian said. “Morris Park is a solidly middle-class, pleasant and safe neighborhood, but it is a food desert.”

Although her plans have brought her praise from city officials as they look to create the “New Bronx,” Whole Foods isn’t interested. A spokesperson said they have “currently no plans” to open a store in the Bronx since they’re opening a Harlem location in 2015.

That isn’t deterred the hopeful documentary film maker. “It would love to do something like ‘Roger and Me,'” Ms. Papazian said to the newspaper. “I would go to Whole Foods headquarters and ask why the Bronx doesn’t have one.”

Alternatively, maybe she could try talking to Trader Joe’s, for a more affordable option.