To Do Sunday: See Therese Schecter’s How to Lose Your Virginity

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Therese Schecter.

Despite its title, Therese Schecter’s wonderful documentary How to Lose Your Virginity has nary a prescriptive element. Instead it’s a humorous yet important look at everything from purity balls to abstinence only education, featuring interviews with everyone from former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders to The Purity Myth author Jessica Valenti, as well as Sarah DiMuro, famed for her virgin-tells-all column in Jane magazine, and even a musician on tour with Lady Gaga who’s a virgin. Ms. Schecter does everything from buy an artificial hymen to visiting the set of a Barely Legal porn and learning the secret virginal dress code. Ask her your burning virginity questions during the Q&A at the U.S premiere. This screening is part of DocFest, whose lineup documentary film fans should check out.

SVA Theater, 333 W 23rd Street, 212-924-7771, 9:30 p.m., $17