You Can Rent a Boyfriend Online in China So We Are Moving to China

Bonus: you only have to keep them for three days.

Ah yes, I'll have a Ryan Gosling please, actually better make it two (Photo: Getty)

Ah yes I’ll have a Ryan Gosling please, actually better make it two (Photo: Getty)

Long term relationships, huah! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! That’s why it’s pretty cool that in China, you can simply pay a guy to pretend he likes you for three days. For just $132 a day, you can squire him around town and even display him to your friends and family.

After purchasing him online, the Daily Dot reports, you’ll even receive bargain basement hugs, hand holding, and a couple of perfunctory kisses on the cheek or forehead. But don’t get any funny ideas, because the men’s bodies are strictly not for sale.

These fake beaux will even take you shopping, out to dinner, and to the local cinema, the Daily Dot says, and they look and feel just like real boyfriends to your pesky mom and dad. The service is most popular around the Chinese New Year, when parental disappointment in single daughters is at its yearly apex.

The practice has wormed its way into China’s national consciousness so much that there’s even a TV show about it now, although with the roles reversed. It’s called Renting a Girlfriend for Home Reunion. Imagine what a lark it was in the board room when they were coming up with that zany title!

Sadly, many of the hired boyfriends are doing this not only for extra cash, but to find love. “The best result would be for me to find someone to marry through this,” one chap said. What, do they not have Tinder in China?