Your Eyes Are Never Going to Be the Same After You See Internet Explorer’s New Anime Mascot

Firefox FOMO?

Hey scantily clad cartoon teenager. (Photo: YouTube)

Hey, scantily clad cartoon teenager. (Photo: Internet Explorer)

You know what Internet Explorer could use now that its boatload of problems has been solved? A mascot! Microsoft has debuted an anime heroine Inorie Aizawa that, if anything, will cause nightmares. Judging by her intro video posted on YouTube, she does a lot of running around fighting chrome-colored robots with blue screens (Hmmmm!).

According to her Facebook page, Inori Aizawa describes herself as an “anime personification” of the browser. She loves surfing the ‘net, HTML5, karaoke and dislikes malware. Also, she was born in 1995 making her 18 years old thus barely legal. So, hopefully that doesn’t make it too weird to sexualize a cartoon figure.

She’ll be making her debut at this week’s Anime Festival Asia festival in Singapore.

As Geekosystem notes, it appears Inori Aizawa is a spokescartoon for a new touchscreen-based browser experience that’s coming soon to IE. And the name loosely translates to “indigo swamp prayer” since none of this project makes sense, so why start now?

Miss you Clippy.