Amy Poehler Accosts Wary New Yorkers With Christmas Carols (Video)

Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler (

Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler (

Ah, this kind of stuff never happens to us. We’re never the people on the street just minding our own business, and all of a sudden a celebrity pops up and tries to get us into the spirit of the holidays. That literally never happens to us, but if it did, we can promise you we’d try to feign a little more enthusiasm than the people in this video.

People should be so lucky to be these man-on-the-street people! Who are these beleaguered citizens, anyway? Is there some casting office near Rockefeller Center where people who want to be extras on Law & Order all hang out, perfecting that look of determined franticness-meets-annoyed exhaustion that we all adopt from the months of November to April?

It’s like, take five minutes of your day and sing some Christmas carols with Amy Poehler! Jeez! Stop acting like you are too busy to be on TV and you are doing her a favor! No one is that busy!

“The man will not say snow! The man will not say snow!”

The best part is that woman who is like “Oh, hello Amy.” Really? “Oh, hello Amy?” Are you guys friends or something. Be more excited. Give us a break.

Oh, hi Mark.” That’s what you sound like.