Booting Up: Facebook Wants News Feed To Be More Like a Newspaper Since Those Are Doing Really Well

Not happening. (Photo: Facebook)

Not happening. (Photo: Facebook)

If Facebook’s VP of Product Chris Cox has his way with the redesigned News Feed, content from viral aggregators like BuzzFeed won’t be surfaced as frequently as they are now. [AllThingsD]

CEO Travis Kalanick says now that Uber has figured out how to deliver a car in five minutes, the possibilities for expanding its services are endless. [CNet]

“Twitter has taken over the public real-time internet. Now it wants in on the private one.” [BuzzFeed]

Even though HBO and Netflix both have a large library of movies and watchable original series, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes doesn’t think they’re competitors. [The Wrap]

Everybody loves working at Twitter apparently. [GigaOM]