Booting Up: Instagram Might (Or Might Not!) Launch a Messaging Service Today

Instagram's man with the plan. (Photo: Scaleogy)

Instagram’s man with the plan, Kevin Systrom. (Photo: Scaleogy)

Instagram is supposedly launching a messaging service later today because you need another app to talk to the same five people. [TechCrunch]

Just because Andreessen Horowitz is giving $25 million in Series B funding to bitcoin bank Coinbase doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking the digital currency is a fad. Right?! [AllThingsD]

Comcast has signed up nine new channels to use Twitter’s live tweeting featured dubbed See It. [Engadget]

Snapchat has kicked up another $50 million in funding. [AllThingsD]

Bored? Let’s imagine what the new Start menu is going to look like on Windows! [ZDNet]