BuzzFeed Might Have Won November, But Just Wait Until Kinja ‘Comes Into Its Own’

Gawker LogoBuzzFeed had a good November–more than 133 million unique visitors good. But although that traffic surpassed Gawker’s, Nick Denton sent a calming email to his employees to remind them that it’s not all doom and gloom. 

“The bad news… We got overtaken by Buzzfeed in November. They surged to 133m global uniques. Damn. That’s impressive. And Upworthy — even smarmier than Buzzfeed — is nipping at our heels,” Mr. Denton wrote in an email this morning, which was first posted by Jim Romenesko.

And Mr. Denton expects that traffic trend to continue until next year, when Kinja really “comes into its own.” Kinja!

But Gawker is still doing well. Not full Kinja potential well, but still. 

“The good news: even with Kinja still under construction, Gawker & Co surpassed previous levels, with 106m global uniques in November. That’s a great foundation for expansion, one that most media companies would kill for, even if they’re more likely to die for it,” Mr. Denton wrote. Slam.

Anyway, as Mr. Denton went on to note in his memo, “Buzzfeed and Upworthy may be the most shameless,” but Gawker is “not completely averse to crowd-pleasing.”

Just look at yesterday’s article in The Wall Street Journal on Neetzan “doesn’t like to be called a machine” Zimmerman and his knack for racking up pageviews.