eBay CEO Sassily Dismisses Amazon’s Drone Idea As ‘Fantasy’

eBay to Amazon: lmao, really?

Thinks Amazon is stupid. (Photo: Bloomberg)

Thinks Amazon is stupid. (Photo: Bloomberg)

Everyone is excited about Amazon’s improbable plan to deliver packages by drones, except for one person: eBay CEO John Donahoe.

Drinking a gallon of haterade before recently appearing on Bloomberg, Mr. Donahoe lambasted Team Bezos’s plan to replace some delivery drivers with the unmanned aerial vehicles as a “fantasy.” Emily Chang, a reporter at your dad’s favorite business network, asked him if eBay had any similar plans. He responded with a big, fat nope.

“We’re not really focusing on long-term fantasies, we’re focusing on things that will change consumers’ experience today,” said Mr. Donahoe. Ms. Chang asked if Amazon’s air force robot army was anything more than a “long-term fantasy,” prompting him to icily respond, “We’ll see.”

Sounds like nobody is more excited to see Amazon’s plan fail more than him.