How to Make a Million Dollar Art Exhibition On Your Floor

STEFAN BONDELL's "The Black Box" at The Hole NYC

STEFAN BONDELL’s “The Black Box” at The Hole NYC

Did you know that instead of working, at this very second, you could be lying in a million bucks? Sure, you’d have to go to the Bowery, where art gallery The Hole is currently showing Stefan Bondell’s monetary masterpiece “The Black Box,” and sure, the money would be shredded into what amounts to hamster bedding, but still, a million dollars. That’s Damien Hirst-levels of excess.

OR, you could just make this project at home. Seriously.

For a trifling $45, you can buy 5 lbs of shredded (and decommissioned) U.S. currency, which amounts to $10,000.

So technically, if you have $4,500, you can afford to make your living room into a statement piece. Hey, that’s cheaper than some of the rugs they are selling on right now, and we hear it really ties the room together.