Macaulay Culkin’s Lou Reed Tribute Band: The Pizza Underground

The Pizza Underground

The Pizza Underground

What is it with the former Home Alone star and regression? His new career as musician/DJ/voice on Robot Chicken has been populated by a string(cheese) of kid culture references, including a Dinosaur Birthday Party at (le) Poisson Rouge, DJing with his iPod, and this: his new band’s latest demo, with a pizza-meets-Velvet Underground theme. Dubbed The Pizza Underground, Macaulay Culkin’s new group recorded a demo track at his home and put it up on their new website.

Let’s just say, the first track is called “Papa John Says.”

Other track listings include:
“I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice”
“I’m Waiting for Delivery Man”
“Cheese Days”
“Pizza Day”
“All the Pizza Parties”
“Pizza Gal”
“Take a Bite of the Wild Slice”

What, no Satellite of Pie?