Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

Don’t worry, Bloomberg News and New York Times reporters: you get to stay in China. Some worried China wouldn’t renew the journalists’ press passes after they published stories about the wealth of certain members of Chinese government. (Reuters)

First it was Brian Stelter, then it was…Jay Leno? CNN apparently wants to snag the late night host after he finishes up at The Tonight Show in February. (New York Post)

Some hackers who clearly had no Christmas spirit broke into the Washington Post‘s servers and accessed employees’ usernames and passwords. (The Washington Post)

You know what you could use right now? An end-of-year list of things that didn’t make it onto a list. Here are the photos that—while still great—didn’t quite make it onto any of Time’s best photo lists. (Time)

Does 60 Minutes need a public editor? (Huffington Post)