Morning Read: ‘Blooming Flowers or a Parks Commissioner?’

Occupy Gracie!

Occupy Gracie!

Headline of the Day: “New York Probably Not Legalizing Weed Just Yet, But Hey, It’s Worth a Shot.”

Bill de Blasio‘s decision to move to Gracie Mansion was presented differently in the city’s two tabloids. The New York Post–with an “OCCUPY GRACIE” headline–played up the move as a contradiction with his populist messaging, emphasizing that Mr. de Blasio is going to be with the “elite” in “one of the city’s wealthiest enclaves.”

While the Daily News–under the print headline “WAS THAT SO HARD?–played up Mr. de Blasio’s inability to make decisions by writing that “the delay raised questions whether he is an indecisive manager.” A sarcastic editorial followed up: “Which will come first: blooming flowers or a parks commissioner?”

While The New York Times was more sympathetic towards the indecision: “The father got a big new job, only to face a seemingly agonizing choice: Should he stay in the house he owned in the neighborhood he said he loved, or move to the much fancier house that came with the job?”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly gave another exit interview, this time to the Wall Street Journal. “The danger is that people just accept it as the new reality and it can’t change,” Mr. Kelly said of the crime reductions during his tenure. Asked if he thought it could, Mr. Kelly said, “We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel is reportedly gearing up to run for re-election once again. A source close to Mr. Rangel claimed he “is preparing to announce his re-election campaign – perhaps as early as next week” and he is scheduled to hold a campaign fund-raiser later today.

It turns out that Mr. Rangel also spent a substantial, six-figure sum out of is campaign war chest unsuccessfully fighting is 2010 ethical censure. “Donors don’t give money to politicians to legally defend themselves against self-inflicted mistakes,” Dick Dadey, executive director of Citizens Union, told the Daily News.

And here is video, via, of Public Advocate-elect Tish James discussing the office after a town hall event in Queens yesterday: