Morning Read: ‘Conflict of Interest, That Sort of Thing’

Bill Bratton and Bill de Blasio last weekend. (Photo: Christopher Gregory/Getty)

Bill Bratton and Bill de Blasio last weekend. (Photo: Christopher Gregory/Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Strong Vanilla: The relentless rise of Kirsten Gillibrand.”

Runner-Up: “New York City Hall’s best-kept secret: Its third floor.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly gave an exit interview to New York magazine. Of his future plans, Mr. Kelly said, “I mean, I’m going to remain active and employed, and I can’t go into much more because lawyers have advised me not to talk about it, conflict of interest, that sort of thing.”

Over the weekend, Mr. Kelly’s replacement, Bill Bratton, was interviewed by the Daily News. “Everyone in the department will be retrained in the approach to ‘stop, question and frisk,’” Mr. Bratton vowed in the piece. “We will train them to be more selective in whom they stop. They will be more respectful in their approach. And they will do it lawfully.”

Although Bill de Blasio isn’t likely to appoint a schools chancellor this week, candidates for the position can still be hit in the press. The New York Post reports today that one candidate, Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua Starr, is “under fire from Maryland parents for failing to aggressively crack down on teachers accused of molesting students.”

Carmen Farina has reportedly emerged as a top contender for the position, according to the Daily News, and an “insider who has spoken with the de Blasio camp called her a back-up plan.” Gotham SchoolsWNYC and The Washington Post further surveyed the field of possible chancellors.

And Citi Bike operators have drawn up plans to handle the winter snow.