Netflix’s Fireplace Log Trailer Gives Away All the Best Parts

There's a Frank Underwood joke in here somewhere.

Anne Hathaway. (Photo: Netflix)

Anne Hathaway. (Photo: Netflix)

Just in time for awards season, Netflix has released the season’s hottest trailer. Fresh from the company’s original content factory, Fireplace For Your Home appears to be a dramatic homage to the heat emitting box that primarily pisses off your dad because he can’t remember the last time it was cleaned.

Well, settle down dad because Netflix has a mess-free (and sadly, unscented) alternative to the fireplace. The company released a clever one-minute trailer promoting its yule log that’s available to stream.

Apparently the next best thing about being reminded you don’t have a fireplace is staring at your crappy television looking at one. Add some Jennifer Lawrence and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster.