North Korea Deletes 350,000 Articles From Its Highly Reliable State-Run News Site


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In between inventing the smartphone and hosting Dennis Rodman for tea, the North Korean government has casually deleted 350,000 articles from their state-run news website.

The Korean Central News Agency is state-run because it’s more convenient for everyone if they cut out the middle man, a free press.

Also, they kind of have a thing for information control.

This is the largest ever article deletion in KCNA’s history, NKNews says, and effectively erases all news prior to October 2013. Those articles’ translations in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese were also deleted. About 20,000 articles were removed from the archives of state newspaper Rodong Sinmun, as well.

A source told NKNews the deletion was either “related to the writing of North Korean history and securing Kim Jong Un as the new leader, or simply a server issue. KCNA also recently deleted all mention of the recently executed Jang Song Thaek from its archives, NKNews reports.

The typical headline for a KCNA news release is something like “Kim Jong Il’s Exploits Praised Abroad” or “Photo of Kim Jong Un Posted on S. Korean Internet Website.” It is unknown how the world will continue to function without these Most Supreme bulletins.

If you do find yourself jonesing for some news about North Korea, Reddit’s Kim Jong-Il memes are about as factual and unbiased as KCNA’s news releases are.