Of Course The French Created Their Own Word For ‘Sexting’

Excited to see how they rename Snapchat.

Defintely textopornographing. (Photo: Mail)

Defintely textopornographing. (Photo: Mail)

In case you were wondering how you say “sexting” in French, fret no more. Members of the L’academie Francaise, a government board that creates new words, have decided that frisky Frenchies are incapable of pronouncing the word sexting so they now have their own: textopornographie

Created in 1635, the L’academie Francaise is a group of important people who are in charge of regularly updating the French language. Its members regularly meet to magically invent new words to replace any that aren’t French since speaking any other language is totally gauche. For example, the word email was replaced with courriel and last year, it decided that hashtag should become mot-dièse.

This year, the gang decided that sexting needed its own word. Even though textopornographie looks like the result of a debate session that lasted no more than 30 seconds (really? You’re French and you couldn’t think of anything sexier than smashing the words text and porn together?), it’s versatile, pulling double duty as both a noun and a verb.

We’re eagerly awaiting their next meeting when they decide whether GIF is pronounced with a hard G or soft G.

(Via Vice Motherboard)