On the Market: Comfort and Joy from Bowery Santas; Queens Reigns Supreme in Construction; Mr. Landlord, Tear Down This Wall

Eliot Spitzer knows there are other fish in the sea, but that land in Manhattan is limited. [TRD]
Complaint charges that NYCHA higher ups failed to act on sex crime allegations. [NYDN]
Remembering the Bowery Santas of the 1970s. [NYT]
Doing some remodeling? You’ll want to see a man in Queens about that. [REW]
Home staging might not help to move listings. Then again, it might. [WSJ]
Financial writer draws bead on New York Times architecture critic. [Reuters]
Graffitist leaves anti-gentrification message; trend reversal remains unlikely. [EV Grieve]
A blast from the past regarding the future: predictions about urbanity from the 1920s. [Gothamist]
For extra space, destroy needless walls. (Mind the load-bearing ones.) [NYP]
Condo developers deploy art installations to manipulate—er, charm—buyer and critic alike. [WSJ]
Costly police patrols of public housing may come to an end. [NYT]
Questions about eviction policy arise in Marcy Avenue rent dispute. [BK Eagle]