On the Market: East River Ferry Will Ride Into the Future; UWS Freaks Out Over a Few RVs; Seniors Flock to College Towns for Retirement

Bloomberg announces five year extension of East River ferry service. [Crain’s]
Thank god! There’s now an “affordable” luxury alternative to super luxury. [NYT]
Promotional video for their San Francisco luxury building embarrasses tenants. [AC]
Greenpointers oppose towers that would bring affordable housing, parkland. [WSJ]
Space that housed the East Village’s despised 7-Eleven is now up for lease. [EVGrieve]
NYT reporter pens story bragging about night he slept in Johnson’s Glass House. [NYT]
UWSers all in a tizzy over “trailer park”—i.e. two RVs parked in the neighborhood. [Post]
Cyc Fitness, yet another new fitness fad gym, poised to hit New York. [BusinessInsider]
Vacant NYCHA units in disrepair linger in limbo, sometimes for years. [NYT]
Seniors flock to college towns, drawn by intellectual vigor, teaching hospitals. [WSJ]
Rockwell Group takes a rare residential commission for super rich couple. [AD]
Full-of-itself UES townhouse thinks it’s a palace, deserves $114 million. [NYT]
Slightly more modest UES faux chateau only wants $25,000 a month. [Curbed]
Before we tax the rich, why don’t we try taxing the Russians? [Crain’s]