On the Market: Losing Your Sunlight Is Sad; Small Apartments May Be Bad for Mental Health; Buildings Add White-Glove Service to Accommodate Richer Tenants

St. John’s University to move Manhattan campus to 51 Astor Place. [Crain’s]
Leasing begins at Brooklyn’s tallest building, 388 Bridge Street. [DNAinfo]
Couples look for master bathrooms where they can spend time together? [WSJ]
New Yorkers mourn lost sunlight in the shadow of rising towers. [NYT]
Whole Foods fined for failing to maintain Coignet building. [BkPaper]
Small apartments can be hazardous to your health. [AC]
Is this Battery Park City apartment staging awful or ingenious? [Curbed]
Queens councilman stops homeless experiment after getting pneumonia. [NYDN]
Shocking! Formerly industrial Eastern Tribeca flooded with luxury highrises. [WSJ]
Apparently Harlem is getting some “sleek,” “sexy” new streetlights. [DNAinfo]
As building residents get richer, they start to expect white-glove service. [NYT]
Barney’s to return to Chelsea (and keep it Madison Avenue flagship). [Crain’s]
Foreign buyers increasingly drawn to townhouses, despite difficult upkeep. [WSJ]

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