Russell Brand Doesn’t Like Rupert Murdoch, But Hugh Jackman Does

Rupert Murdoch (photo: Patrick McMullan)

Rupert Murdoch (photo: Patrick McMullan)

Rupert Murdoch! Everyone has an opinion. Even celebrities. Either you hate him and compare him to Hitler in The Guardian or you love him and are his child’s godfather. 

Last Friday, in his column in The Guardian, Russell Brand called for a boycott of the Murdoch-owned tabloid The Sun on Sunday and took the paper to task for being on the side of corporations after the newspaper lied about Mr. Brand’s personal life.

(Not that Mr. Brand always hates gossip. As he slyly points out, it’s kind of fun to read when it’s about Mr. Murdoch, who Mr. Brand compared to Hitler and called “an animatronic al-Qaida recruitment poster” and an “Aussie-Skeletor”: “I admit I read the story about his wife Wendi and Tony Blair in the Mail on Sunday last weekend and how they slept in the same house on numerous occasions, without ol’ Digger knowing”).

But maybe Mr. Brand just doesn’t know the media mogul like actor Hugh Jackman. Today, Vanity Fair ran a Q&A with the Wolverine (and Mr. Murdoch’s daughter’s godfather), and asked him about his friendship with Mr. Murdoch:

In the past, you’ve spoken about being good friends with Rupert Murdoch. Does he have a favorite movie of yours?

Knowing that he runs Fox, I’m guessing that it would be Wolverine since it has been very successful for the studio but I don’t know. I am godfather to Chloe, his daughter, so we often go and see family films together but he’s always very loyal and supportive. I know him more as a family friend though. We have Australian connections, obviously. I know his son well, so it’s sort of more of a family basis. We actually don’t talk business a lot.

What do you think people would be most surprised to know about Rupert on a personal level?

He is a very loyal person and, for example, he met my mum once, and about two years later remembered her name. It doesn’t matter who you are in the room or if you are the important person in the room, he doesn’t see people in that way. He remembers names of children and everyone. He pays attention to everybody and is very charming in that way.

You see? As long as Mr. Murdoch remembers you mum’s name, he is really quite charming. When his newspaper starts printing gossip about you, though, it’s a whole different matter. Especially if you are Russell Brand and have a column in The Guardian