Scientists Are Working on a Bra That Prevents Stress Eating

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Results may vary. (Photo: Getty)

Results may vary. (Photo: Getty)

Like something ripped straight from a Cathy comic, bras that monitor your stress levels may soon be available to help combat overeating, Discovery News reports.

A team of Microsoft scientists developed a bra that reads wearers’ vital statistics, picking up on the physical symptoms of stress. Using the bra, the scientists predicted changes in physiology that accompany eating and stress, “including whether the subjects were happy and angry,” Discovery says.

“It’s mostly women who are emotional overeaters, and it turns out that a bra is perfect for measuring EKG (electrocardiogram),” Mary Czerwinski, a cognitive psychologist and senior researcher in visualization and interaction at Microsoft, is quoted as saying in Discovery.

The bras only work for about four hours without being charged, but who cares? It’s not like we have anything to do but stress eat. Give us a call when they work in an electric charge that zaps you when you reach for some stress relief ice cream.

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