Study: It’s Easier to Tell the Truth Over Text So Why Bother Speaking Anymore?

We're all cowards.

Us, not lying for once. (Photo: Hashgram)

Us, not lying for once. (Photo: Hashgram)

Squeezing the truth out of someone doesn’t require putting them through water torture–just text them. New research from the University of Nebraska reveals that people tend to be more truthful and honest when they’re texting or emailing, reports CBS New York

In the study, 80 percent of participants confessed that they’re more likely to express their feelings truthfully in a text compared to when they’re in meeting in person. And another 60 percent of them said they “rarely lie” in a text or email, according to the study published in the Social Science Journal

And before we bemoan how texting is ruining interpersonal communication, psychologist Dr. Scott Bea of the Cleveland Clinic said texting is at least helping people get things off their chest.

“While it may not be ideal and it may erode over time our ability to converse face-to-face, it’s here to stay and I think people are making use of it for all sorts of reasons,” Dr. Bea said. “People are writing longer texts, sharing more information.”

So when you really want to know how that new blouse looks on you, text us.