Survey: Half of Your Friends Will be Banging on Their Parents’ Couches This Holiday Season

The other half will be crying and spooning the family spaniel.



Chances are, the Grinch’s heart isn’t the only thing that’ll be growing three sizes in your parents’ TV room this month. shared results of a recent survey with Betabeat, informing us that people can be pretty shameless about getting their stockings stuffed around the holidays.

The dating site surveyed about 3,000 Match users. Almost half, 46 percent, said they think it’s “appropriate to have sex in your parents’ house when visiting during the holidays.” Er, okay, just don’t get any homemade egg nog on Mom’s good sheets.

And about 40 percent said it’s appropriate to hook up with coworkers at holiday parties, which might get you wondering which of your colleagues are trying to get their trees trimmed at this year’s soirée.

In previous holiday surveys, they found that 30 percent of people have broken off a relationship because they were turned off by their significant other’s family during the holidays, so you might want to rethink bringing someone home to do it chez les parents anyway.

Match also provided us with this puzzling statistic from a past survey: “Best Gift from Santa: Ambition—Both men and women want career-oriented significant others from Santa this year over a hipster, foodie or party person.” Apparently having a job and liking kale are mutually exclusive?

Also, 64 percent of single people told Match their new year’s resolution was related to finding love, in case you needed a reason to feel better about yourself.