Uggs and North Face Top Google’s Black Friday Searches Because We’re All Sorority Girls

At least orange spray tans appear to have died down in popularity.

What year is it again? (Photo: Getty)

What year is it again? (Photo: Getty)

Come on, guys. Come. On. First we learned yesterday that in 2013, Americans had the lamest taste in music besides Maroon 5-obsessed Singapore. And now, Google has released the top 10 trending gifts from Black Friday and reminded us all that the U.S.A. is a nation of shivering scaredy cats who are still clinging to the heinous trends of 2006.

Huffington Post published the list, and while it’s mostly populated by video games, toys and gadgets, its top two apparel items stuck out to us: UGG boots and the North Face.

Anyone who’s been to a college campus knows the UGG-and-North-Face-fleece combo is the uniform of the hungover sorority girl. She usually sports it while hauling her cookies into a Comm 101 lecture, giant Jackie O-esque (or so she thinks) sunglasses obscuring her face. Or at least that’s how it was when Betabeat started college a solid seven years ago. We can’t believe people are still holding on to this bland ensemble. It’s warm and all, but so are Starter jackets and somehow we were able to give those up after they’d run their course.

Here is the top 10 list in full:

1. Video game consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

2. Tablets

3. Minecraft Legos

4. UGG boots

5. Beats by Dr Dre headphones

6. Fitbit

7. The North Face

8. Rainbow Loom

9. Barbie Dreamhouse

10. Nike Air Jordan Retro sneakers

Keep it up and next year PINK-butted sweatpants will make a comeback.