Ugh, There’s Now A Selfie T-Shirt For Charity

It's like that one from Target, but with a purpose.

Selfie time! (Photo: ActionAid)

Selfie time! (Photo: ActionAid)

Even though it’s not fashion week, there’s a new piece of slacktivist apparel that’s seeking a home at the bottom of your dresser. A British charity is selling a “Selfess Selfie” T-shirt since it knows we’re going to keep taking these stupid pictures anyway, might as well make it charitable. 

For $30, ActionAid is selling white tshirts embossed with “This is a selfless selfie” affixed with a hashtag. It’s encouraging people to take selfies with the shirt and spread them on social media. If you’re filled with rage at the sight of your laziest duck lipped friend showing up on Instagram wearing one of these, just remember that the proceeds do benefit relief work in typhoon ravaged Philippines.

If anything, at least you can finally throw your (RED) sweater from the Gap away.

(Via Metro UK)