Because We All Miss Entourage, HBO Creates Silicon Valley Sitcom

"Anyone who takes themselves too seriously and is full of themselves is ripe for a kicking."

Mike Judge and Alec Berg speak in Pasadena. (Photo: Getty)

Mike Judge, left, and Alec Berg speak in Pasadena. (Getty)

Shooting has wrapped on HBO’s new TV show Silicon Valley, and the sitcom is debuting in April. Typical unnecessary tech embargo. Still, HBO invited some TV critics to scope it out earlier this week, and they were pretty pleased about it.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Lacey Rose said it seemingly aspires to be “Entourage for the start-up scene,” which we guess means a show about four Erics? 

The show comes courtesy of King of the Hill and Office Space‘s Mike Judge, The Dictator‘s Alec Berg, The Social Network producer Scott Rudin, Office Space producer Michael Rotenberg and Tom Lassally, who has worked on Beavis and Butthead.

There are four main characters, as well as “cameos from real-life Silicon Valley players,” THR says. Producers researched Silicon Valley extensively, sometimes by watching TED Talks. That’s dedication.

Mr. Judge told the press that he noticed a “billionaire vibe” through his research, adding that they fall into two categories, “Asperger-y type” (wtf?!) and the “type-A übercompetitive guy,” so we guess there will be some Silicon Valley equivalents of Ari, too.

Chuck Barney of the San Jose Mercury News is especially excited about the show, saying it “has the makings of another comedic hit for HBO.” The show has “sharp writing and nuanced acting,” he adds, but the characters “aren’t exactly chick magnets.” -_____-

The show doesn’t necessarily condemn its subjects, Mr. Berg said. “But anyone who takes themselves too seriously and is full of themselves is ripe for a kicking.”

We can fux with that. Viewing party chez Betabeat on April 9?