Beer Drone Delivery Doesn’t Need to Exist, But It Does

Tell us when there's a drone delivering Nutella crepes.

This is happening. (Photo: YouTube)

This makes us nervous. (Photo: YouTube)

If you thought humans had run out of imbecilic ways to use a drone, well, good news, because we haven’t. The newest publicity stunt comes from Lakemaid Brewery in snowy Wisconsin.

AdWeek writes that the beer company was supposedly feeling inspired by Amazon’s well-thought out plan of deploying the flying robots that it also had a take of their own. So, in a one-minute ad, ice fisherman can communicate their GPS points to the company and a drone will deliver them a case of ice cold, refreshing beer.

It’s sort of cute until you think about how the brutal wind could veer it off course and the heavy case of beer could unclinch and smack a fisherman in the face. Anyway, the music is calming, but the idea of sitting outside in that weather makes us wish the drone was delivering a bucket of scalding hot water. Or whiskey.