Best Tech Events This Week (Social Retail Week, Women Entrepreneurs Festival, Womensphere, Real Estate Connect)

sponsor garys red tie Best Tech Events This Week (Social Retail Week, Women Entrepreneurs Festival, Womensphere, Real Estate Connect)This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

Remember IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson? Big Blue investing $1 billion to create Watson Group, 2000 employee division @ 51 Astor Pl (E Village). It’ll have Incubator + $100 million to fund startups with creative uses for Watson. 

Cause Spotlight: NYC Foundation for Computer Science (CSNYC) led by my friend Evan Korth & supported by Fred & Joanne Wilson. They provide funding for Computer Science & Software Engg programs in public schools (28 so far), and are raising $250k & have upcoming meetup, Women in CS, Feb 3 @ USV.

Jan 23 Global Innovator II w/ Matt Turck (FirstMark), Marc Michel (Metamorphic), Micah Rosenbloom (Founder Collective), Eliot Durbin (BoldStart). 2 FREE Passes!

This week is Social Retail Week. Opening Party tonight @ Flor de Sol. Social Retail Summit Thu w/ Chantel Waterbury (Founder, Chloe+Isabel), Mona Bijoor (Founder, JOOR), Ethan Song (CEO, Frank&Oak). 4 FREE Passes $160 each!

My friend Deborah hosts Outrageous Acts of Science on Discovery & this Wed she’ll be one of many awesome speakers @ 5th Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit. Also this week NYU ITP Women Entrepreneurs Festival w/ Crystal Hutter (Edmodo), Tanya Menendez (Maker’s Row) & others.

Jan 17 Cryptocurrency Hackathon ($14k prizes!) @ Bitcoin Center. Jan 28 NYCEDC invite-only Bitcoin Breakfast w/ Coinbase, Bitpay, Bitcoin & others.

Jan 22 Stanford Alumni Angels Wine tasting + chat w/ Samer Hamadeh (Founder, & Zeel). Angels/VCs/LPs wanna attend? Email me. Jan 23 Girls Raising w/ Deborah Jackson (Plum Alley), Angela Lee (37 Angels), Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code) & Carly Zakin (The Skimm). 2 FREE Passes!.

This week … Jan 13 Insiders Guide: Debt vs Equity (10 Free Passes!). Jan 15 Space Matters: Design Great Workspace. Jan 15 SquadUP Startup Showcase Cheek’d & Vanity Project, Free with code “alleynyc”.

Coming up … Jan 22 Startup Rock Climbing (2 Free Passes!). Jan 22 Enterprise Tech (5 Free Passes!). Jan 24 Phat Startup Social Media w/ Gary Vaynerchuk (3 Free Passes!). Jan 25 Amusemi 2 Year Anniversary. Jan 26 Legal Issues in Advertising & Social Media. Feb 08 Angelhack & XO Group Hack Upon a Cause.

Don’t forget! ==> applications to Cornell NYC Tech due Feb 1. Your chance to join awesome Computer Science Masters program & also get feel for real world entrepreneurship, pitching a startup, engaging with media, hiring & interviewing etc.

Just 2 weeks left! ==> TurnToTech 12 wk iOS bootcamp! No payment till job placement. Also, Startup CEOs/CTOs, NYCEDC accepting Round 2 registrations (1st-come, 1st-served) to speak at Tech Talent Draft @ Brown, Cornell & Penn.

Apply to Startup Bus! Apply to Pipeline Fellowship. Downtown Brooklynites, get free Fon WiFi router. 500 Startups Commercism Conf March 21 in Mountain View.

Bunch o’ deadlines … Jan 30 Veterans Entrepreneurship. Feb 2 Macys Workshop for women & minorities. Mar 12 ConnectNYC Free Fiber Access!

Fun Fact: ubiquitous battery pack Mophie = Molly + Sophie, 2 golden retrievers of founder Ben Kaufmann (CEO, Quirky)! Learn more about its invention.

New Year Resolution #2 ==> Read more books! Email me your recommendations.

And now lets see whats going down in the Alley this week…

[Social Retail Week] Opening Party
Monday (Jan 13), 6 p.m. @ Flor de Sol, 100 10th Ave

CTO School – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
With Paul Dix (Co-founder/CEO, InfluxDB), Victor Olex (CTO, SlashDB), Camille Fournier (Head of Engg, Rent the Runway), Tom Brown (CTO, Grouper) & Kareem Kouddous (Founder/CTO, Crowdtap).
Monday (Jan 13), 6:30 p.m. @ Pivotal Labs, 625 6th Ave, 2nd Fl

Women Entrepreneurs Festival 2014 (hosted by NYU ITP)
With Crystal Hutter (CEO, Edmodo), Elizabeth Iorns (Co-founder, Science Exchange), Jean Brownhill Lauer (Founder, Sweeten), Tanya Menendez (Co-Founder, Maker’s Row), Chantel Waterbury (Founder, Chloe + Isabel) & others.

Tuesday (Jan 14), 9 a.m. @ NYU Stern School of Business, 40 W 4th St

DreamIt Ventures – Startups in the Wild
Cocktails, food & short presentations from eCommerce startups in their natural habitat – Drop ’til You Shop, Betterific, ClothesHorse, eyeQ, Miner, SnipSnap & Stylr.
Tuesday (Jan 14), 5 p.m. @ Drop til You Shop HQ, 330 W 42nd St, 9th Fl

Hardwired NYC #6
With Jeremy Conrad (Lemnos Labs), Kegan Schouwenburg (Sols), Jon Bruner (O’Reilly), Alexandros Marinos ( & Alex Yancher (Pantry Labs).
Tuesday (Jan 14), 5:30 p.m. @ To Be Decided

Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit
With Christine Cuoco (Twitter), David Teten (ffVC), Deborah Jackson (Founder, Plum Alley), Laura Lee (Youtube, Google), Danae Ringelmann (Co-Founder, Indiegogo) & others
Wednesday (Jan 15), 8 a.m. @ Columbia University, 2920 Broadway

Real Estate Connect NYC 2014
With Arianna Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post), Dave Liniger (Chairman, Re/Max), Diane Ramirez (CEO, Halstead), Brian Hirsch (Tribeca Venture), Joanne Wilson (Angel Investor) & others
Wednesday (Jan 15), 9 a.m. @ Grand Hyatt, 109 E 42nd St

Space Matters: Design a Great Workspace
With Benjamin Dyett (Co-Founder, Grind Space), Rachel Brooks (Founder, Citizen Made), Mark Karten (Ensemble), Janette Kim (Columbia) & George Valdes (Co-Founder, Feather).
Wednesday (Jan 15), 6 p.m. @ FLOR, 142 Wooster St

[Social Retail Week] Made In USA – Founders Forum 2014
With Bayard Winthrop (Founder, American Giant), Tanya Menendez (Co-Founder, Maker’s Row), Matthew Burnett (Co-Founder, Maker’s Row), Jake Bronstein (Founder, Flint & Tinder) & Jason Schott (COO, Schott NYC).
Wednesday (Jan 15), 6 p.m. @ MNY 55, 55 W 17th St

[Social Retail Week] Social Retail Summit #6
With Chantel Waterbury (Founder, Chloe+Isabel), Loni Edwards (Founder, Stitch Collective), Mona Bijoor (Founder, JOOR), Ethan Song (CEO, Frank & Oak) & others!
Thursday (Jan 16), 3 p.m. @ Dumbo Spot, 160 Water St, Brooklyn

Cryptocurrency Hackathon
Build tools that expand accessibility, utility, or application of cyptocurrency. $14k in prizes!
Friday (Jan 17), 9 a.m. @ NYC Bitcoin Center, 40 Broad St

StartupBus Drinkup
Friday (Jan 17), 6:30 p.m. @ New Work City, 412 Broadway, 2nd Fl

#MLKHack for MLK Weekend
Your mission is come up and build the app that MartinLuther King Jr would have built today.
Saturday (Jan 18), 10 a.m. @ Tumblr HQ, 35 E 21st St, 10th Fl

More events on the horizon…
NY Enterprise Technology Meetup on Jan 22 @ Cooley
Happy Hour Startup Showcase #8 (hosted By SquadUP) on Jan 22 @ AlleyNYC
Stanford Alumni Angels: Wine & Networking – Fireside Chat w/ Samer Hamadeh (Co-founder, on Jan 22 @ Venue
Startup Rock Climbing on Jan 22 @ Brooklyn Boulders
Pre-SXSW Startup Mixer #mixitup on Jan 22 @ The Delancey
Global Innovator II on Jan 23 @ Dentons
Girls Raising – Presentation & Panel Series on Jan 23 @ Warby Parker
The Phat Startup – How to be the Mayweather of Social Media w/ Gary Vaynerchuk on Jan 24 @ AlleyNYC
Amusemi 2 Year Anniversary Party! on Jan 25 @ Venue (TriBeCa)
The 411 on Legal Issues in Advertising & Social Media on Jan 26 @ Anchin
Startup Weekend Edu on Jan 31 @ EdTech
DeepDive ShapeJS (3D Printing) on Feb 01 @ TurnToTech
[CSNYC] Women in CS – How to get girls interested and involved on Feb 03 @ Union Square Ventures
Hack Upon a Cause on Feb 08 @ XO Group HQ
Hack for Big Choices + New York + SocialGood on Feb 14 @ Alley NYC
Gigaom Structure Data 2014 on Mar 19 @ Pier Sixty at The Chelsea Piers

Until next week. Stay thirsty social, my friends! 😉